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What’s Really Needed for Data-Driven Government

“While poor data quality, the challenges of pulling and integrating data from legacy IT systems and the difficulty of persuading stakeholders to embrace open data can all be stumbling blocks to a data-driven government, there are proven ways local governments can improve data governance.”  Kathleen Hickey highlights tips in her article below:


Mo’mix Solutions Listed Among Companies Supporting Open Data

We are thrilled to see Mo’mix Solutions listed as an open data technology in ENVISIO’S article about the new practices and new technologies in support of openness and transparency.

“Using interactive dashboards, Mo’mix supports transparency and open data for better performance insight, and the ability to share information with the public, such as spending, budget to actual, revenue. It enables data to be captured, transformed and shared in meaningful ways, allowing the audience to be more engaged and involved with operations.”

Read the article in it’s entirety by clicking on the link below:

6 Ideas to Help Government Realize Open Data’s Transformative Power by Colin Wood

“The disconnect between the massive operational potential that open data holds and government’s slow movement toward harnessing it can be explained simply.”

“Government thinks open data is an add-on that boosts transparency, but it’s more than that. Open data isn’t a $2 side of guacamole that adds flavor to the burrito. It’s the restaurant’s mission statement.”

In his article, Colin Wood suggests 6 ideas that can help government understand the power behind their own data.


Why IT Needs To Tear Down Data Silos

Making quality data available to decision-makers across the organization is our job as IT professionals. Jonathan Feldman, CIO of the City of Asheville, NC, tells us why IT must find ways to prevent data from disappearing into corporate silos, never to be seen, shared, or acted upon.

In his article, Jonathan tells us, “Why Data is Like Raw Produce; If business value is the meal, and analytics is the cooking, then good  data is the raw produce.”

“When we accept excuses for not sharing data throughout the organization we represent, we reduce the future performance of our organization.”  Read his informative article by following the link below:



4 Steps to Eliminate Data Silos and Unlock Your Data (Industry Perspective)

“Government entities have a duty to provide frequent and accurate transaction-level reports to citizens — and the smallest slip-up can spell big trouble once erroneous information reaches the public’s eyes.”

In her article, published by Government Technology, our very own, Erin Latham, gives her 4 recommendations for helping keep your data accurate.



Report: Public Sector Must Embrace Change to Embrace Data’s True Value by Adam Stone

When it comes to data, the research suggests government is limited not by a lack of data, but by the process and tools it uses to examine it. Before data transformations can occur in government, researchers argue the institutions using it must embrace strategic change.

“In addition to improving it’s own processes, and optimizing data for general use, government has yet another role to play in driving the data revolution.”  “While lots of good work is being done with data, we are estimating only 10 to 20 percent of the potential has been realized.” In his article, Adam Stone delves into governments’ role in driving the data revolution. Read his full article by clicking on the link.


Washington, D.C.’s Chief Data Officer Shares his Vision for the City’s Data Makeover

Barney Krucoff, Washington D.C.’s first ever Chief Data Officer, has his sights set on improving the data capacity of one area of city government in particular: business intelligence.

“Business intelligence is sort of the wild west within the government,”
“We want to make sure the Office of City Administrator has the tools and data it needs to hold agencies accountable for performance,” Krucoff said.

Read more about how this data progressive, Chief Data Officer, is addressing Business Intelligence here:


Be Pithy. A Woman’s Guide to Being Direct.


Back in the early 2000s, I was cutting my teeth as CEO of a tech consulting company that worked exclusively with public sector organizations. Needless to say, I became intimately familiar with what it feels like to be a female leader in a male-dominated field. Literally every single CIO and CTO I met with was male.

Over the years, I struggled mightily to position my company as a major player in the industry. Even as I listened to customers’ challenges, exuded empathy, and presented our solutions, I kept being told that I’d be better off becoming a go-to subcontractor of larger, better-known vendors.

Looking back, I wish I had stayed the course in directly communicating why my company could do a better, faster, and more cost-effective job than the big boys. But, all told, this was a great learning experience for me — one I feel every woman in the working world could learn from. Read the full article here.


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